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Common Business Contracts

Common Business ContractsTo a certain extent, the contracts common in a certain business are the ones directly relevant to that business.  However, while your business contracts are specific to your business, contracts still, by and large, have a certain commonality to them.

At the Law Office of Todd M. Kurland, P.A., we understand the importance of business law contracts.  We provide a full-service business law contract practice, from contract drafting to contract interpretation to litigation of business issues.

Employment Related Contracts

No matter what your business, you should consider using employment contracts.  These contracts protect your business from various losses.

Independent Contractor Agreements – Whether a person doing work for you is an employee or an independent contractor is a critical distinction.  When you hire an independent contractor, the agreement must be clearly laid out in writing.  It should cover the length of employment, the scope of the work, the obligations of the parties, and other relevant details.

Noncompete Agreements – These agreements specify the length of time an employee must wait before competing with your business after leaving your company.

Employment Contracts – For employees, employment contracts detail the employee’s title, job duties, compensation, benefits package, and other terms relevant to the job.

Sales Contracts

Sales contracts govern the exchange of goods and services for sale.  In some circumstances, sales contracts also transfer title.

Purchase Orders – Purchase orders detail items to be purchased, the price of the item, the delivery date, the payment terms, and other details essential to the sale or purchase of items.

Warranty – A warranty is a form of guarantee.  It is made in connection with the sale of a product or property.

General Business Contracts

Partnership Agreements – Partnership agreements detail the relationship between the partners, the contributions of each partner, as well as the responsibilities of each.

Nondisclosure Agreements – Nondisclosure agreements address proprietary and confidential information and how employees, independent contractors, suppliers, service providers, and vendors, as well as others, must treat this information.

Leases – Leases can cover anything from building leases, to equipment leases, to leases of instruments used in business.  They cover the payments, terms, maintenance agreements, and other relevant information.

Indemnity Agreements – These agreements hold one party harmless in certain situations.

Contracts Cover Agreements

Any time you engage in a business agreement, you should reduce it to writing.  While oral contracts are legally binding in certain circumstances, it is always a better idea to write it down.  A well-written contract not only details the agreement, but it also reduces the potential for lawsuits.

If You Need a Business Law Attorney

If you need a business law attorney, the Law Office of Todd M. Kurland, P.A. offers complete business law services.  From business startups and business formation to contracts to business litigation, Todd M. Kurland provides business law support for your business.  Contact us at (561) 693-4514.  We offer a free consultation.  Let’s discuss how we can handle your business law needs, while you focus on running and growing your business.

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