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6 Reasons You Might Need an Attorney Experienced in Business Law

Whether you have an active problem or simply own a business of your own, it’s essential to have an experienced business law attorney on speed dial. You never know when your business will face litigation, a contract dispute, or a difficult agreement.

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If you want to open a business, dispute a contract, draft an agreement, or simply receive honest business advice, contact our Florida business attorney at the Law Office of Todd M. Kurland. There, you’ll receive the attention and expertise you deserve.

There are several reasons you may choose to contact a business law attorney, including:

#1: Your Contract Has Been Breached

It doesn’t matter how large your company is. When your contract has been broken, you have legal decisions to make. You can choose to cancel the contract, force the other party to comply with the terms of the agreement, or request financial compensation for damages you incurred because of the breach. A business law expert can walk you through this complex process.

#2: You Want to Form or Start a Business 

There is nothing more important than starting your business on the right note. A business law expert can ensure all paperwork is filed properly, all regulations are met, and all contracts are intact. You can also determine which form your business will take with the assistance of a professional, such as an LLC or an S-Corp.

#3: You Have to Enter the Litigation Process

No business owner wants to go to court. Unfortunately, it happens. When it does, you need an experienced business attorney on your side.

#4: You Want to Develop a Contract or Agreement 

When you own a business, contracts are essential. They prove you mean what you say – and you should always say what you mean. In order to accomplish both, you’ll need an experienced business law attorney to assist in drafting all contracts and agreements. This ensures documentation can be upheld in a court of law, should an employee or contractor fail to follow the rules.

#5: You Want to Purchase a Business 

Buying a business is a complicated endeavor. An expert in business law can explain the difference between asset purchases (when you purchase all assets of a company without incurring debts or liabilities) and stock purchases (when you incur all assets, debts, and liabilities of a company). An expert can also ensure the fairness of negotiation and the simplicity of closing, keeping all documentation organized and notarized.

#6: You Need Honest Advice

Even if you don’t have a current need for representation, a business law expert can provide invaluable, industry-specific advice. This advice can help you avoid unnecessary litigation in the future. It can also keep your business running smoothly.

Contact an Experienced Florida Business Attorney for Representation

If you have concerns about disputing a contract, entering the litigation process, or developing an agreement, contact our experienced Florida business attorney at the Law Office of Todd M. Kurland by calling (561)-693-4514.

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