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In doing business, one of the most important aspects of having your words serve as your bond is with your contract agreement. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may find your business facing a dispute or conflict over an existing business contract or agreement.

Contract Basics: Size Does NOT Matter…

West Palm Beach Contract Disputes Attorney

The size or type of company does not matter; the contracts you sign with your partners, clients, and vendors are critical for protecting the interests of your business and prevent future problems.

When you sign a contract, you have entered in a formal, legally binding agreement. This means you are accountable for all responsibilities and activities outlined in the contract.

Contracts may vary tremendously in their purpose, terms, and wording; but the main goal is always to hold parties accountable for whatever is outlined in the agreement. The promise in the contract typically governs services, goods, money, or anything else that has some level of value.

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Breach of Contract

But what happens when a party breaches the contract or another type of dispute arises over your agreement? A breach of contract or dispute can be a serious problem that can impact your business for months or years to come, so you need to ensure these matters are handled properly. You need to have legal resources you can access in order to protect you and help you understand your rights and responsibilities in this situation.

What Are Your Options?

If the other party does not live up to the terms specified in the contract, such as executing deliverables or failure to comply to a nondisclosure or noncompete agreement, then this is considered a breach of contract and gives you legal rights and opportunities to recoup losses as a result of this challenge.

Some of your options when a party breaches a contract include:

  • Canceling the contract
  • Forcing the other party to comply with the terms of the agreement
  • Receiving financial compensation for damages you have incurred as a result of the other party’s breach.

Knowing your options when a contract dispute happens can help you to avoid some of the negative repercussions associated with litigation. An contract litigation attorney may be able to tell you more about whether alternative types of settlement, like mediation or arbitration, could help you in this situation.

Make sure you discuss your options with a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible in order to fully evaluate your choices and determine the best course of action in the situation. Various situations may call for different results, so you need an West Palm Beach contract deputes lawyer who can serve as an advisor now and in the future.

How a West Palm Beach Contract Dispute Lawyer Can Help

Whether it’s an allegation of a full breach of contract or a dispute over contract terms, the experienced West Palm Beach contract disputes attorney at the Law Office of Todd M. Kurland, P.A. can help you maintain your best interests and focus on your business without having to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of a contract dispute.

Having someone knowledgeable and experienced in this area can help you significantly when you are faced with the challenges of dealing with a contract dispute. Do not hesitate to get legal advice sooner, rather than later, in this situation.


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