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If your business is facing a dispute, then working with a knowledgeable and experienced business litigation attorney is essential for your business’ future.

What to Look for in a West Palm Beach Business Litigation Lawyer

Business Litigation Attorney West Palm Beach

When searching for the right West Palm Beach business litigation lawyer for your business, be sure to ask about his or her experience in similar areas of litigation as well as the attorney’s comfort level and knowledge of the subject matter of your particular business dispute or litigation matter.

Before deciding upon a course of action and strategy for the underlying dispute, ensure that you understand the various outcomes associated with a case and the amount of business resources, both time and financial, that your business may expend in seeking resolution in the underlying dispute.

A knowledgeable and experienced West Palm Beach business litigation attorney should be able to assist your business in making the best “business decision” it can in adopting a strategy for the dispute.

In the event that litigation is unavoidable or has already begun, however, you need an business law attorney who can handle your case professionally and with your business needs in mind. The attorney you choose should feel confident and comfortable handling the complex issues in the underlying business dispute.

Types of Business Litigation Disputes

If you are involved in a business dispute of any kind, then you need an attorney who will help to create and implement an assertive and creative legal strategy designed to maximize your business’ chance for a successful outcome.

Business disputes may come before a tribunal in State or Federal Court as well as Arbitration. The business attorney your business selects must not only be well steeped in the subject matter underlying the dispute but most also be intimately familiar with the procedural requirements of the forum in which the dispute will take place.

The most common types of business disputes involve:

Employment and Independent Contractor agreements

  • Construction disputes, such as getting a team in place to get necessary permits and determine appropriate zoning relating to residential and commercial construction
  • Construction delays
  • Liens
  • Real estate development and venture disputes
  • Restrictive covenants and trade secrets, such as non-solicitation covenants
  • Securities fraud and investment losses
  • Contractual disputes – written contractual agreements
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Business Tort, such as:
    • Fraud
    • Conversion (Embezzlement)
    • Civil Theft
    • Tortuous Interference
    • Civil Conspiracy (RICO)
    • Defamation
  • Shareholder, Partner and LLC member disputes, such as:
    • Dilution of minority interests
    • Wrongful withholding of dividends/distributions
    • Valuation disputes
    • Commission of business torts by majority shareholders
    • Members or partners against entity and minority equity holders
    • Withdrawal/dissociation
    • Dissolution
    • LLC and Partner Stalemates
  • Shareholder, partner, and LLC member derivative actions

Regardless of the type of dispute, it is important to hire a reputable and experienced business litigation attorney who can help you from start to finish.

The unpredictable nature of business disputes today requires a West Palm Beach business litigation lawyer that you can count on in order to both identify and potentially resolve legal disputes before they become protracted legal battles.

Recognizing that a legal dispute can generate significant cost for the business owner, it is essential to explore all possible avenues for resolution before a case goes to trial.

The business litigation attorney your business chooses should not only be technically proficient and knowledgeable of the law, but should assist your business in developing several lines of strategy and understanding the strategic advantage of each potential track and their respective potential outcomes.

If a business dispute cannot be resolved without the necessity of litigation, it will be paramount that your business chooses an attorney who is familiar with the issues inherent to the dispute and has a firm grasp on the procedures needed to implement an effective litigation strategy.

Before hiring a West Palm Beach business litigation attorney, you need to ask about his or her experience, his or her track record, and their level of confidence.

With so much on the line for you and your business, it is critical to have someone who is knowledgeable about all possible issues and can give you the assistance you need when you need it.

A West Palm Beach Business Litigation Lawyer Serving Palm Beach County and All of South Florida

If you find yourself facing a business dispute, whether suit has been filed or not, and are in need of proven advice and experience, contact our office today to learn more about we may be able to assist your business in its time of need.

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