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Testimonials From Past Clients Of The Law Office of Todd M. Kurland, P.A.

Our company was originally referred to Todd’s office in early 2020 by one of the top law firms in the country that had handled some of our legal matters in the past. They were confident that Todd was exceptional at providing value and expertise in the areas that we needed to engage him in. He has exceeded our high expectations and has provided us with the counsel and support necessary to complete several intricate and complex business acquisitions that requires the utmost level of due diligence and professionalism. Throughout our relationship, Todd has acted on our behalf as more of a partner then just a legal representative. He understands the scope of what we are trying to accomplish and makes sure that we are represented in a manner that exemplifies the nature of what we set out to accomplish. We continue to utilize his counsel and would recommend that any business professional, seeking to represent their interests, consider his firm for their services.

Jon B., CEO and President

One of our companies needed counseling with a commercial lease dispute during the early stages of Covid-19. I was referred to Mr. Todd Kurland by a trusted attorney who practiced with my father for many years. Without any in person consultation, my partners and I were completely confident that Mr. Kurland would be the best intermediary between ourselves and the landlord. Mr. Kurland acted promptly, and efficiently, when other contractual issues arose during the process. With our first experience being a relatively seamless conclusion, Mr. Kurland has acted as counsel for our other business dealings, and personal legal issues, when appropriate. Mr. Kurland is a consummate professional whom I fully recommend to any business or business owner.

Adam J.

I highly recommend Todd and his services! He was very responsive, professional and knowledgeable.

Justin P.

Todd has been our accountancy firm’s attorney for several years. He has assisted us in the creation of an operating agreement for our professional limited liability company as well as numerous other corporate and contractual matters. During this time we have been most especially impressed with his command of the nuanced tax and financial matters involved in business disputes and transactions, as well as his knowledge of the regulatory and licensing concerns involved in professional service organizations such as ours.

We have the upmost confidence in Todd’s skill and dedication to his craft, and highly recommend him to any business or business owner needing legal representation for their business interests. We have routinely referred our clients to him, all of whom have been extremely satisfied with his services.

Carter M.