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Partnership disputes may not mean the end of a company

Jan 14, 2021 | Business Disputes

From the start, understanding that conflict is likely to take place can help Florida business partners accept that possibility. It can also help them come up with a plan for addressing and resolving partnership disputes as best as possible. Of course, coming up with a plan and putting it into action are two different matters, and when conflict arises, it may not be as easy to address as one had hoped.

In partnerships where one person has a more dominant personality, it may be tempting for the other partner to want to avoid conflict or to feel pushed out by the more assertive partner. However, if the issue is important, it is also important to stand up for one’s side rather than giving in to the other partner or letting the issue go for the sake of maintaining harmony. Instead, understand that conflict can happen but that it does not have to mean the end of a working relationship.

On the other hand, if business partners are facing conflict at every turn, it may point to a greater issue in the business relationship. In fact, 43% of entrepreneurs choose to end their partnerships because of internal conflicts. Though differences of opinion can help bring new points of view to a project, considerable differences could lead to a partnership where the partners cannot agree.

Partnership disputes do not always break a company, but they can be difficult to resolve. If Florida business partners find themselves facing a stalemate in regard to a particular issue, they may need to put their plan of action into effect for conflict resolution. In some cases, that could mean contacting experienced attorneys to litigate or mediate the dispute.